Invitation Responses


Requesting people to RSVP is requesting a ‘response’ to your invitation. Planning a wedding is much easier when you know who will and will not attend. Knowing saves time and money by providing more accurate estimations of catering costs and venue arrangements such as the number of tables and placements.

At eMotion Invites, we believe the RSVP plays a very important part in helping our clients. That is why we provide a webpage for every video invitation purchased. The page includes the RSVP form. A response (RSVP) form that is available on a website, accessed via a web browser, gathers basic information from your guests, can be filled out and submitted by phone, tablet, or computer, and exports all the data to a spreadsheet is the most effective, efficient, and organized way to request a response to your wedding invitation.

Electronic Response Forms



A simple RSVP form provides the most essential information – who and how many people are coming. As well, you can request contact details such as email and phone number. When the event is heavily organized and catered, more critical information such as the names of all guests and their meal preferences can be gathered. We can customize a form to suit your needs. Below, you can see how your guest list might look after receiving responses from an RSVP form. The image is a snippet from a spreadsheet sample.

Sharing Your Webpage



Create a group on your favorite messenger app, share your invitation to everyone at once, then follow up with a text link to a personal website we create just for you. Be sure to let everyone know how important it is they complete the RSVP Form. As well, your guests can find essential information about your event – date, time, location, map, directions, and more. They can even view pre-wedding photos and get information for hotel bookings at the venue.