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The RSVP Webpage is an organizational tool which we set up specifically for your wedding. Its main feature is an RSVP form which allows your invited guests to let you know if they will attend, or not. As well, it makes it easier for guests to send you a message, arrange accommodations, and get ‘need to know’ information such as event details, transportation options, and directions.

Catering alone accounts for a substantial part of a wedding budget. To understand this point better, let’s assume the cost per guest is 2,000 Baht. If you invite 500 people and assume 500 people will attend, your out of pocket expense for catering would be 1,000,000 Baht. But if you know that only 350 will attend, you can plan, and pay, for 350 people only. In this scenario, you could save as much as 300,000 Baht because you know that 150 people will not attend.

We’ll get your page setup after you provide us with the required information and content. Then you simply ask your invited guests to visit your page and fill out the form by a specific deadline, usually 1 month prior to your wedding. The form provides effortless tracking of responses as each person’s details are automatically added to a spreadsheet; thereby offering a completed guest list for the big day. Now you are ready to make the final arrangements.

Click the button below to see a sample RSVP page. Take a moment to fill out the form and submit your entry. Once completed, and for the purpose of the demonstration only, you will be redirected to view a sample of the spreadsheet.
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The following are available with every RSVP Webpage:

  • Webpage with graphics that match your video and/or paper invites purchased on Emotion Invites.
  • Pre-Wedding Photo or venue photo as background image (optional).
  • RSVP Form
  • Thaichana Check In / Out to comply with government mandate for tracking Covid-19 cases (Thailand Only)
  • Google Map of your wedding venue location (optional)
  • Hotel Booking Portal with Agoda, allowing guests to make arrangements at your hotel or nearby your venue (May not be available at all areas or venues)
  • Pre-Wedding Photo Gallery (optional)


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