Ellie Video Wedding Invitation Package


Our invitation packages are a modern-day solution to an age-old tradition. The package bundles a video invitation and an RSVP webpage along with options to include paper wedding cards and money boxes – all at discounted rates.

Our video invitations combine traditional excellence with animations that bring artwork to life. Yet they are so much more than beautiful. They also provide a simple and intuitive way to invite. With only 1 invitation, your smartphone, messenger apps, or email, you can invite all of your connected friends and family.

Deliver video invitations by all major messenger apps and email.

Add the benefits of a simple online RSVP form and it becomes really easy for everyone to respond to your invitation. As well, the webpage we create just for you provides your guests with access to important information regarding the time, place, accommodations, and other details relevant to your big day. Our Invitation Solution solves many organizational issues that save you time and money.

We know how difficult it is for the elderly to embrace modern technology. As well, there are those with whom we are compelled to visit personally. To accommodate, we offer low-cost paper wedding cards to go along with your video invitation.

All of our video invitations include a 2 letter monogram. You may choose any 2 letters from 6 pre-designed styles (image available in the gallery). And yes, we give you the graphics file so you can use the monogram with additional decorations and personal projects.
Please Note: Some invitations are not designed to showcase the monogram on the cover page. In such cases, we can use the monogram on the formal invitation page, paper invites (where applicable), and/or the webpage.


    • Ellie Paper Wedding Card Bundle

      ฿2,500.00฿17,500.00 ฿2,500.00฿12,500.00

      Paper wedding cards bundled with a video invitation suite are flat printed on a single side with graphics that match your video invitation. Each card includes an ivory envelope.

      • Paper: Stardream metallic paper at 240gsm.
      SKU: Ellie_PWC_bundle
    • Ellie Money Box Bundle

      ฿3,000.00฿14,000.00 ฿3,000.00฿10,000.00

      The money box incorporates graphics to match your video invitation and/or paper wedding cards. You may include your pre-wedding photo on the sides. We even allow you to provide us with graphics, should you need something special.

      SKU: Ellie_MBX_bundle


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